FDA Approval:

The Road Relief Wellness™ Luxury Travel Mini Massage Gun Generation 2 is registered with the FDA under registration number 3029300761 as a medical device, and the FDA last validated it on November 29, 2023, with VALID status. The producer of the massage gun is Stiff Mother Trucker LLC. You can review the FDA registration details here.

Insurance and Brand:

The FDA registration means the vendor and brand have met the necessary criteria for selling the device in America. Some customers may qualify for insurance or Health Savings Account (HSA) reimbursement, depending on their coverage.


It’s important to note that the registration of a device with the FDA does not equate to approval of the establishment or its products by the FDA. Registrar Corp is responsible for helping companies comply with US FDA regulations and is not affiliated with the US Food and Drug Administration.


Summary of the Massage Gun’s Features:

  • FDA-registered medical device
  • Five-speed settings for a range of pressurized massages
  • Lightweight at only 1 lb, making it easier for long-term use
  • Compact travel case for easy storage and transport
  • Four massage head attachments for various purposes
  • High-power brushless motor with RPMs ranging from 2000-3200
  • A rechargeable lithium battery ensures better longevity
  • Charging via USB Type C for increased versatility
  • Quiet operation at 45 dB
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty provided by Road Relief Wellness
  • Downloadable PDF instructional manual for proper usage
  • Pricing balances quality and affordability, avoiding the drawbacks of cheaper alternatives


Overall, the Luxury Travel Mini Massage Gun offers a wide range of features that focus on quality, affordability, and user convenience, making it a reliable choice for customers seeking an effective massage gun.


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