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SIT FOR HOURS, PAIN-FREE: Backshield’s patented ergonomic design gently lifts the backbone to alleviate pressure along your entire spine not just your lower back. Reduces stress and tension on your neck, shoulder and lumbar areas to prevent and relieve back pain.


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BackShield helps living pain-free become essential and a foundation for your best life. BackShield developed a solution for good posture that supports your back so you can have the life you want—one with less pain! We provide our customers with high-quality products that WORK, supporting your back and your life.

BackShield is the premium touring model. This is a total back support system designed to align your spine on those long commutes or hours spent at the office.

  • INTRODUCING THE NEXT GENERATION IN BACK SUPPORT – BackShield is a brand new company dedicated to transforming the lives of those suffering from back pain
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE – EFFORTLESSLY: Unlike other back support products, Backshield is designed to support the spine’s natural curve. Prevents slouching to improve posture. Stand and walk taller, and enjoy increased energy and focus
  • SIT FOR HOURS, PAIN-FREE: Backshield’s patented ergonomic design gently lifts the backbone to alleviate pressure along your entire spine not just your lower back. Reduces stress and tension on your neck, shoulder, and lumbar areas to prevent and relieve back pain
  • ENJOY DRIVING AGAIN: Whether you’re going on your daily commute or family road trip, hit the road without fear of pain or discomfort. The thin profile is ideal for all vehicles, RVs, and trucks. It won’t push you too far forward unlike bulky foam lumbar cushions
  • Coupled with a good pain relief cream like STIFF Mother Trucker Pain Relief Cream. Every truck driver will be feeling great out over the road.
  • Designed with unparalleled durability, providing rigid yet flexible support
  • Easy cleaning and won’t harm your vehicle seat or office chair
  • Fits in all cars, trucks, RV’s, and office chairs
  • Adjustable, double strap design to secure to seat
  • Measures: 23″ x 13.5″ x 1.5″

Experience the next evolution in back support!

BackShield is an innovative new company transforming the lives of back pain sufferers. We provide a proven and attractive back and lumbar support system that delivers the ideal ergonomic structure required to naturally and effectively ease back pain, and maintain optimal spinal alignment and posture. It’s the perfect solution for those long commutes or hours spent at the office.

Our patented, computer-aided design helps promote better circulation to relieve discomfort throughout the entire back. At the same time, its sleek and sporty profile makes it a beautiful addition to any seat, whether it is a sports car, truck, RV, industrial or recreational equipment, airline seat, wheelchair, or chairs for home, office, or job site.

Poor posture and improper sitting are the leading causes of back pain. BackShield helps address this by enforcing the natural curvature of the spine, thereby promoting increased blood flow which helps heal the micro-trauma associated with most lumbar, lower back, neck, and shoulder pain. This makes BackShield’s posture correcting design ideal even for pregnant or nursing mothers, long haul truck drivers, and office workers alike, while its tough, portable, and versatile design allows BackShield to go with you wherever your day takes you. Yoga anyone?

Unlike cushions, beads, memory foam, knee straps, and other orthopedic back support devices, BackShield delivers not just the proper contours for spinal alignment, but it also thwarts spinal compression. Only BackShield provides what we call the Lift Zone – our patented combination of stiffness, materials, and design, which gently lifts the spinal column for sustained comfort wherever you may be seated for any period of time.

Neither too hard nor too soft – BackShield is the perfect posture support and back pain solution, as our customers enthusiastically testify. You can be sure we’ve got your back!

Please note: Although many people feel positive results from BackShield right away, due to posture changes BackShield promotes, please anticipate 1-3 days to get accustomed to using your BackShield and 2-3 weeks to fully realize its many benefits.


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Driven by her passion for creating lasting change, Hope began a transformative journey, blending yoga and functional movement fundamentals to aid tens of thousands in pain. Her approach? Simple yet powerful: small, gradual changes to help individuals feel good again.


Following decades of using various creams, lotions, and potions with varying degrees of success, Hope felt inspired to create a game-changing product line focused on the wellness of truckers and travelers.


With custom-tailored solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of her truck-driving tribe, Hope’s powerful product range has enabled individuals to change lanes on their health and wellness journeys, regardless of where the open road may lead them. An empathetic, informative, and empowering force, Hope Zvara strives to make a difference and reimagine the pursuit of pain relief and well-being for our dedicated, hardworking community members.